About Christchurch Festivals

(Christchurch, New Zealand)

The residents of New Zealand enjoy a good celebration and the city of Christchurch is by no means an exception, with year-round festivals and events for everyone, including food festivals, jazz concerts and carnival parades.

Popular festivals in Christchurch include the following events.

Annual Christchurch Festivals

  • January: Press Kite Day, taking place in the middle of the month every year, with many large and impressive kites on display, together with flying demonstrations
  • January: World Buskers Festival, featuring a diverse selection of street entertainment
  • February: Jade Wine and Food Festival of Canterbury, held at the end of the month, with a range of festivities based around food and drink
  • March: Waipara Food and Wine Festival, with celebrations taking place at Glenmark Church
  • April: Montana International Jazz Festival, attracting numerous jazz musicians from all around the world

  • June: Christchurch City Marathon and Half Marathon, popular sports event attracting more than 2,000 runners and large crowds of spectators
  • August: Montana Winter Carnival, with a range of exciting skiing events and lively street parties
  • November: Canterbury Show, popular agriculture show taking place at the beginning of the month over four days

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