Visiting Christchurch

(Christchurch, New Zealand)

The city of Christchurch stands on the South Island of New Zealand and is the perfect place for holidaymakers.

Christchurch offers an enviable coastal location, where swimming, sunbathing, water sports and dolphins are plentiful. However, just a short distance from Christchurch, the Southern Alps provide a contrasting landscape, ideal for some serious skiing or snow boarding.

Visiting Christchurch: Places to Visit

  • Bus and coach tours of Christchurch, operated by 'Explorer' and offering the easiest way to sightsee, travelling throughout the area
  • Champagne balloon flights, offering birds-eye views on the Christchurch and Canterbury area, departing from central parks on fine days
  • Helicopters tours, available at both Christchurch International Airport and nearby Kaikoura Airport, where whales and dolphins can often be spotted from high above
  • Punting, with a somewhat British feel, available along much of the Avon River
  • Cruises around Christchurch, with numerous boating companies providing cruise packages around the city's coastline, where marline life can be observed from a distance
  • Christchurch Gondola, a particularly popular attraction located close to Cathedral Square and transporting people to the high altitude of the Port Hills, offering magnificent views along the way
  • Estuary of the Avon and Heathcote Rivers, full of scenic pathways, known locally as tramping trails
  • Christchurch Tramway, a historic and charming mode of transport, first used during the latter part of the 19th century and famous for being the oldest in the world
  • Esplanade, the perfect place for a stroll, situated in the Sumner area of Christchurch and offering appealing coastal views
  • Cathedral Square, without doubt the hub of city life in Christchurch, full of street performers, seats, shops and cafés, offering a good starting place when exploring the city
  • Avon River, a scenic and important river, lined with attractions and parklands, offering a range of boat trips, cruises and punting in and around the centre of Christchurch
  • Christchurch Pier, located on the eastern side of the city and built in the latter part of the 20th century, measuring around 300 metres / 985 feet in length
  • Christchurch Town Hall, a stylish and modern building dating back to the beginning of the 1970s, located along Kilmore Street and regularly hosting many large events and concerts
  • Victoria Square, a busy area of Christchurch city centre, containing landscaped gardens, beaches and a colourful flora clock
  • Theatres in Christchurch including Court Theatre on Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch Operatic along Balfour Street, Great Hall on Worcester Boulevard, James Hay Theatre at Christchurch Townhall, Ngaio Marsh Theatre along Ilam Road, Ilam, Repertory Theatre at Kilmore Street and the Theatre Royal along Gloucester Street

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